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Post  Admin jay-z on Sun Dec 07, 2008 12:22 am

currently latest tournament for praetorians is in eidos made by Davorus:
quote davorus*: 29.12.2008. tournament on hamachi. Clans that wish be part of it must: write on this forum name of the clan that will be part of it, before 27.12. Rules are next: No machines, towers, multypike or new civilization. Every clan must have minimum 4 players to be part of tournament because it will be 4 v 4 battle. 2 clans will play on next maps: Where two rivers cross, chaos island, sacred land. That means 3 battles against any clan. For victory you get 1 point and for lose 0. Example: you play against one clan, and win on two maps, your score is then 2:1, and from other clan 1:2. Every clan play against every other so at end wins clan with most points. If there will be too many clans it will be on elimination and other ways of making points but I don't think here's too many clans. If you don't agree with date it is discussable, but must say fast.
join network made for it: praetournament pass:123
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